Birthday Parties At Opa Orlando

Celebrate the milestones of life with ageless Greek cuisine

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Best birthday party venue in Orlando

Birthdays come and go, and most are quickly forgotten. But this year, try something different that your guests will never forget – A delicious Greek and Mediterranean feast.

We’re known for being one of the best Orlando birthday party venues. That’s because our award-winning dishes and outstanding service can turn any ordinary event into a truly special occasion.


Our party venue

A house party is fun, but the cleanup afterward takes most of the fun out of it. Instead of celebrating at home, this year try something exciting – Greek food.

When you’re planning an event, the best solution is to host it here at Opa Orlando. We’re Orlando’s favorite restaurant for special events.

Our private party room is big enough to host any event, including weddings, anniversaries, kids parties, and corporate meetings. Here, your guests can celebrate without distractions.

Whether you want a quiet dinner or a loud get-together, our party room is the right place. The food is tasty, the prices are affordable, and this space is perfect for your next celebration.

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Our food & drinks

Planning for a party in Orlando? Look for an award-winning restaurant with exceptional service. Here in Central FL, our tasty Greek and Mediterranean dishes are the best way to celebrate life’s milestones.

Great food always begins with the right ingredients. We use top-quality imported cheeses, oils, and seasonings.

We serve fresh seafood daily, and we’re known throughout Central Florida for traditional Mediterranean dishes as well as our new, award-winning dishes.

  • Tzatziki Greek strained yogurt
  • Lamb ribs and lamb sliders
  • Keftedes Greek meatballs
  • Oak-grilled chicken wings
  • Octopus and calamari
  • Hummus
  • Dolmades
  • Spanakopita
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To serve your thirsty guests, we serve plenty of refreshing drinks and beverages along with traditional Greek and Mediterranean dishes including these favorites:

Signature cocktails

  • Santorini Mule
  • Mediterranean Gin & Tonic
  • Orlando Mango
  • Black Salt Paloma
  • Athenian Old Fashion
  • Greek Jalapeño
  • Mykonos Dream
  • Never on Sunday
  • The Lucky Jewel
  • Greek Kamikazetini

Drink specials

  • Sangria pitchers
  • Cocktail Pitchers
celebrate your birthday at taverna opa

Celebrate your birthday at Opa Orlando

We’re the best choice when you’re for looking the right place to host your birthday or any other occasion. Here your guests will enjoy a delicious new experience they’ll never forget.

Want to stay at home on this special day? No worries – Our expert caterers can bring the celebration to almost any location you wish.

Celebrate another year of life by trying something new – A Greek feast!


Got a question?

Planning for a special occasion is easy. Just contact us with the date and how many guests are expected. Then choose from our delicious menu options, and we’ll take care of everything else.

Here in Central FL, the Opa Orlando party venue is especially popular for kids parties. That’s because it’s fun and affordable. We work hard to make sure that children and parents alike have a great time here. 

Why do we love to host kids parties? Cultural enrichment.

Regardless of age, a great meal makes the difference between an ordinary day and a special event. We’re happy to serve children because it’s an opportunity to introduce a new generation to the joys of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. 

Bring the kids here, and we’ll ensure that they all have big smiles and happy memories.

Of course we do. We’re the most popular event venue in Orlando because of our private party room. The food is tasty and affordable, and the space is perfect for your special event.

Our banquet room is big enough for almost any group, yet the space is intimate enough for family gatherings and corporate meetings. It’s the best place for special events here in Central FL.

Yes. We’re consistently chosen for Orlando birthday party celebrations because of the great food and entertainment options here.

We offer multiple options for entertainment for private parties, including weddings, anniversaries, business meetings, and corporate lunches. The options include live music and entertainment, DJs, and recorded entertainment.

And, to make sure the guests never forget your party, we also offer the most authentic Greek belly dancing performances in Central Florida.